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About Me

Orlando Fenderson loves to help people. As an army veteran and an expert in the customer service industry, he is no stranger to stress. He knows how to keep his cool and remain positive during trying situations. Orlando is always working to improve himself and grow as a person and a professional in the real estate industry. Being a classic car restoration enthusiast has taught Orlando the value of hard work and perseverance, and that some things take time to come together properly. He is more concerned with the quality of his work and the value of his word to people than just going through the motions.

Orlando is a devoted family man with a heart for volunteering and providing aid to the less fortunate. His compassion and patience extend to his work; his personal attributes and his many years of marketing and customer service experience have made him an effective and persuasive communicator. Having grown up in Los Angeles, Orlando is very supportive and passionate about bettering his community-- whether he is enjoying local sports or helping a family find their ideal home. When not achieving goals for his clients,

Orlando enjoys spending time with his family, restoring classic cars and watching football. He can be reached at 424-298-7747.